My DnD Group

Recently, I started an all female Dungeons and Dragons group on campus, and it’s been what I’ve spent most of my time thinking about lately. In the future, I’ll be using this space to record the events of each session and the process I go through prepping for the campaign.

We met the first time a couple weeks ago right before October Break. Almost everyone is a completely new player, which makes me feel better because I sound like more of an expert. I do know what I’m doing, but DMing for experienced players (like my friends) would be hard. I also think that having all new players is good because I can guid them away from forming bad gaming and RPing habits. The whole point of the group is to break into the male dominated RP world, and since it’s hard to join an all male group without facing scrutiny, I want my players to be badass, amazing RPers. There’s a type of player everyone pictures that they don’t want to play with, and unfortunately, being a woman makes it easier to become suddenly and without warning “that guy.”

So I’m determined to change that perception. I still have a lot to learn, but I think that I’ve done my fair share to change that perception among my friends. And as I set out to become a DM, I can prove even more that women have just as much stake in RP games as anyone else. Virginia Woolf in A Room of One’s Own says that literature has suffered because women have been underrepresented both as characters and writers. I think it’s the same for RP games. Luckily, that can change.


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