So after much trepidation, some back and forth between my advisor and the English Department Chair, and realizations that I would severely miss my friends, I have decided that I will only be studying in Japan for the fall semester. The main reason for this is that going abroad for a whole year would cripple my ability to fulfill my English major requirements. So I let the amount credit I can count from abroad be the deciding factor.

That’s generally how I make decisions. If I can’t pick between two options, I’ll let an outside force determine the solution for me. So here I am. I think that I’ll be happy with only going for a semester. It’ll make my senior year much more manageable, and I’ll get a last semester with my friends and the majority of my DnD group (which is going well, by the way).

Which reminds me, one of my players drew out some art from the first session, and I’m so touched that she would spend her time sketching her character, some of the other characters, and dwelling on the session. So much of my worries about starting the group centered around whether I could be a good DM, a DM worthy of these players’ first longterm campaign.

I also realized today that I have the capacity to speak conversationally about DnD in Japanese. I have an oral test coming up tomorrow, so I’ll be talking about starting the DnD group with my professor, which makes me really proud that my Japanese has advanced to this conversational level. Part of me feels surprised that I never knew the Japanese I know now.

This week has gone by very fast. Tomorrow, I meet with my DnD group again, so I’ll write about that immediately after, hopefully going into some detail about what happened at the previous session. I want to practice building a general atmosphere that’s consistent for the world. A lot of the planning I put into the campaign reminds me a lot of writing novels. It’s the same kind of character development and world building I put into the stories I write (I’ve been writing less often since my creative efforts have been dumped into the game), except that I’m building these characters to be flexible for the PCs.

The Situation hasn’t changed precisely, but I think since I brought it up amongst the members of the group, the tension has gone down. There’s a general consensus on the whole subject, even if conversation proper didn’t really follow my bringing it up.


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