Risenstone Session 2

A couple nights ago, my DnD group met for the second time to continue their adventure in Risenstone. This time around, the group was awakened in the middle of the night to an intruder in the Renaul Estate. After capturing him and removing his mask, they discovered that he was none other than the kind stable boy that had taken excellent care of Amber’s horse Snowflake.

Not only did they capture the stable boy, but they also managed to scoop his Blood Hawk out of the air with an amazing dex roll and a sheet from one of the beds. Carrick and Viara, using the spell Speak with Animals, struck a deal with the hawk after smooth talking and bribing it to be their friend. The hawk, whose name is Derrick, led Viara, Serenity, and Carrick through the city to a mysterious alleyway, where Viara transformed into a mouse and scurried down it into the shadows. There she came upon a mysterious manhole leading deep into the ground.

Meanwhile, Amber and Melon delivered the stable boy as well as the supplies from the Arcane Kingdom to the barracks near the ports. Commander Dellia, happy to see them, promised that they would not be too harsh on the stable boy when they questioned him. She told Amber and Melon that any weapons, supplies, or armor was at their disposal, so as they waited for their companions, Amber and Melon picked up some chainmail and a short bow from a cranky, gossipy Dwarf from the Ironstone Kingdom. He shared privately with Amber some rumors concerning the Ironblood family and the Prince and Princess Arcane. Apparently, there had been a second attempt at the Princess’s life.

After an hour or so, Serenity, Viara, and Carrick arrived at the barracks, informing their group members about their discovery in the alleyway. At this time, Commander Dellia also expressed her concerns to Amber regarding the state of the Arcane Kingdom, but, accepting that Dwarves are stubborn people, allowed Amber to keep her personal details to herself. After discussing their findings with the Commander, the group decided it would be best to return to the Renaul estate to inform him about the possible attempt at his life, and then gather supplies for their expedition underground.

Upon returning to the estate, they found the Lady Laura walking in the garden with her possibly-not son Paul John. Melon stayed behind to try to woo the madam while the rest of the party took Paul John to see his father John Paul about babysitting their hawk while they traveled down into the Underdark. But upon reaching John Paul’s study, they found him conversing with a sketchy advisor named Graves. John Paul then offered them exuberant amounts of money to travel into the heart of Neddwan in search of a mysterious, ancient Gnome named The Shaman.

The adventures now have a choice. Do they follow the lead and travel down into the Underdark? Or do they take John Paul’s offer and travel across the continent to the magical and fey ridden Neddwan forest? This decision and so much more lies ahead of them at next week’s session.


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