Notes on the Weekend

A couple members of our friend group have been super busy lately with theater on campus, my Bronx friend in particular designing and constructing the set for a senior thesis of a different friend of mine, as well as working on the set for Antony and CleopatraAntony and Cleopatra goes up this weekend in the Mug, and I look forward to seeing it. Our other friend ended up taking the place of the messenger at the last minute, so he’ll be acting in it as well.

But because these two have been so busy, the past couple of weekends have been slow, which is fine when I’m expecting it. I’m usually fine when I expect things, but after fast paced school days, sudden stops throw me off. Too frequently, if I allow myself to be bored for too long, it manifests as depression. When that happens, I seek out company but have no energy to interact with anyone. At those times, I want to lie down next to someone and just fall asleep.

My SO is good about that. This weekend, I told him that I wanted his company but also felt put off by being around anybody. My boredom, combined with another installment in the saga of the current “situation” (which still hasn’t been resolved), left me irritable and sad. SO is so quick to understand what I’m telling him, or at least to accept what I’m saying and then ask how he can help. He got me through the weekend.

So speaking of the situation, I’m so tired of tiptoeing around what is happening. I want to protect everyone’s privacy (why I don’t write names here), but I want to write through what is going on. The good news is that everyone seems to be on the same page. We all lack sympathy really, which is harsh, but I try to be honest here. I started this so I could record the events in my life at college, and well, this is happening, and it’s annoying and frustrating and we’re all ready for what we know is coming. But we won’t know when/if it happens because the current state of things makes it obvious that we would not find out firsthand.

But there are only a few weeks left in the semester. Things will unravel themselves soon, and even if they don’t, we’ll all get a breather from the happenings within the suite. At the very least, we’ll be able to come back after break with more patience.


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