Risenstone Session 3

I know it’s late, but we haven’t played this week’s session yet, so I can still write a summary of Risenstone Session 3 before it’s too late.

Last week, the party decided to thwart John Paul Renaul’s offer and instead borrowed/stole some of his horses to travel to the mysterious location Serenity, Viara, and Carric discovered earlier. They ventured down into the deep dark underground and were greeted immediately by the worse stench any of them had ever smelled. Carrick however recognized it as the aroma of the Underdark and grew grumpier and grumpier as the party continued on.

After some walking, they reached a mysterious throne room with stairs lining the wall leading up to where they stood. As Carric took up the rear, the stairs began sliding into the wall, so he stood (or sat) his ground to prevent the party from becoming trapped. Unfortunately, he was the only one that could read the inscriptions on the wall beneath him, and so he was forced to descend to help his party, but not before tying his rope to the ledge to provide safe passage should they need it.

However, the inscription, which was a prophecy proclaiming glory to the great lord Laveliss did not soothe Carric’s fears. Another door led out of the throne room, but curious and anxious to know what would happen, the party remained, attempting to solve the puzzle inlay in the walls. Finally, Carric owned up to his Drow heritage and let the device prick his finger for blood. Then, behind the party, a wall rose up to reveal a chest with another ominous inscription.

What was in the chest? Who can say? Afraid and superstitious, the party moved on, leaving their find behind. As they walked, each member of the party suddenly felt like they weren’t alone in the cramped tunnels underground. Looking behind them, they saw a large, spider-like bear stalking them through the Underdark, all except poor Melon, a halfling with no dark vision.

Carrick moved quickly, striking the monster with an arrow, but as he did so, five large spiders burst out of the creature’s stomach and converged on the heroes. Playing leapfrog in the dark, they fought back the monster and it’s young. Then Serenity harvested its corpse for a strange webbing, which could be useful in the future.

The party moved forward again, burning through what could only be the nest the creator had been following them to. However, they soon found that they had literally burned the bridge crossing to the other side of a great rift. Fortunately, every party member made it across with great strides, except (again) poor Melon, who Amber tossed over before he could stop her.

Confident in their safety on the web bridge, the characters settled down for lunch and a breather. To prove herself, Serenity ate a little bit of one of the spider corpses from their earlier encounter, but she threw up, so no lasting affects took place.

After about an hour, the group decided to keep moving, choosing to follow the bridge to the right down a curved hallway into a mysterious room with intricate murals painted on the walls. Upon further inspection, they realized that each section of the mural represented the history of each race in Risenstone. But once each party member had entered the room, the door slammed shut behind them, sealing them in. Remaining calm, the party observed four large circles carved into the ground. Stepping in each one caused a different affect in the room. One lit the room with magical light. Another started filling the room with water. The next drained it. And the final circle lit a magical ring of fire above all the murals.

Clever and ready for a challenge, the party decided to try to fill the room with water all the way to the lit ring, but remaining on the ground as the room filled proved more difficult that they initially thought. But after a few tries, they were successful in their efforts, and as soon as the water licked the ring, it began to drain away.

Emerging from the floor, the center circle, with Carric still on top, revealed a mysterious artifact shaped like the head of an arrow. The party surrounded it, holding hands, and each member could feel warmth radiating between them. However, as Serenity approached, it glowed with a magical, yellow light. Everyone decided Serenity should take it, and so she cupped it in her hands and tied it around her neck.

After doing so, a door slid open behind them, leading back into the Underdark. The characters left the room, the door sealing behind them. They marched onward, passing through a long humming hallway but not bothering to stop, ready to complete their mission and find what was hiding down beneath the city.

Finally, they reached a dead end. Boards and planks had been nailed over the passage from the other side, but Amber, not ready to let some poor carpentry stop her, busted down the barrier with her war hammer. The wood fell several feet and landed in the path of a man carrying a long sword in a large encampment. He looked up at the opening as the party ducked out of sight, shouting for the captain.

What will happen next? Will he notice the group hiding in the tunnels above the camp? Is this the rebellion threatening to overtake the city of Talos? Find out in a few hours when the campaign continues for the fourth session.


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