Risenstone Session 5

Last we met out brave heroes, they were in the middle of a debate with the captain of the the rebellion squad laying siege to the Renaul Estate. He demanded that they hand over Renaul, and in return he would let them go free. Not convinced that this single man posed much of a threat, Amber grappled him to the ground, and the fighting began once again. Then, three arrows shot down from the roof of the Renaul building, landing near Amber. Carrick alerted the party to three short bow men on the roof, and, thinking fast, Viara set off a plume of fog to conceal their getaway path.

Amber and Serenity tied up the captain and threw him in the back of their cart, sending the servants they’d rescued from the house ahead of them so they wouldn’t get hurt in the fighting. The stableboy Dan was able to get the cart going again without such a heavy load, and they darted into the woods as Melon, Viara, and Carric (along with Derek) dispatched the ambush.

Safely in the woods, Carric sent Derek on a surveying mission, investigating the captain’s threat that his rebellion had taken the ports. After about an hour, the hawk returned, delivering news of a skirmish and great monsters shooting out of the ocean and attacking the people on shore. It was at that moment that the captain woke from being knocked out by Amber, broke free of his binds, and ran at Juan Paul Renaul. The party did all they could to stop him, but he was too fast, and their attacks just couldn’t land. The captain swiped at  Renaul with his longsword, and he fell to the ground, dead.

Now without sympathy for the captain, the group attacked full force, Amber delivering the last blow with her war hammer, crumpling him to the ground. Still breathing, some of the party got ready to question him, but then Carric sent Derek over to attack the captain and take him out.

The party now had to decide what to do with the bodies of Renaul and the captain. As they discussed this, the servant that had stayed with them to fight came over and pointed back toward the cart, where Laura Renaul and Paul John were waiting. The servant told them that Juan Paul’s son was there. The mood grew somber as Amber tried, and failed, to comfort Paul. Carrick managed to help with Derek, and the group questioned Laura about where to go and what to do. Serenity knew of a powerful magic that could possibly bring Renaul back to life, centered in Neddwan, and she asked Laura if that possibility interested her. Laura told them that yes, she would like her husband to be alive, but that any magic from Neddwan was distasteful to her. She then said that their family had another estate in the Skiesdale Colonies, but that she doubted they would be safe there. She asked the party what exactly her husband had wanted them to do in Neddwan, but tired of answering questions and getting caught up in the Renaul business, Amber demanded to know what Renaul had been doing in Talos.

All grew silent, and Laura stood, handing Paul John off to Carric. She asked to see Renaul’s body, and Amber and Serenity led her over. Spitting, she confessed to the actual business that had brought them to the North Commons. Juan Paul had been searching for information, commissioned by Skiesdale to track down an artifact supposedly buried underground. But while doing so, they got caught up between Graves and the Drow, trading slaves through the ports. Laura asked the party to take her son and give him to a human family in the Colonies. She would stay in Talos. She explained that breaking a deal with the Drow would not end well, and the party understood that any kind of arrangement the Renauls and the Drow had come to could not be fulfilled now that the city was under siege.

The party then huddled together to decide what to do, and Laura went back to Paul John to explain what was happening. The group was in consensus. They would go to the nearest town in the Colonies, find a home for Paul John and then decide what to do from their. With that, they set off, taking an old trade route along the cliffs of Talos. Using her spyglass, Viara looked out over the ocean, noticing a small, almost triangle shaped land mass far in the distance. She told the others, and they continued on. Amber sat in front with the stableboy Dan, and she asked if he had anyone special back home. He told her about his boyfriend Bubba, and he hoped he was alright.

After a couple hours of traveling, they reached a small town named Lorrh. Melon obtained lodgings for the party in the local tavern and had a lute play-off with the Halfling named Cantaloupe already performing. Amber led Carric and Paul John up to their rooms, and Paul John went to sleep under the watchful eye of Derek. Then the fun and de-stress began when Amber, Carric, and Melon began a drinking contest. Eventually, Serenity and Viara coxed everyone upstairs. Amber took it like a champ, but Carric and Melon woke with splitting headaches.

Once everyone was up, Carric commissioned Derek to fly back to Talos to deliver a letter to Bubba. Then, the party took Paul John to a humble cottage, where the Mark family lived. The night before, the bar tender had told Amber that the Mark family had been trying to have children for many years. Bell Mark opened the door, and she called in her husband Dale Mark from the farm to meet the strangers. Shocked but pleased, they agree to care for Paul. Carric then asked if Dan could possibly stay and work for the family, and they accepted him too.

The party returned to the tavern to wait for Derek to fly back. He arrived a couple hours later, talking with Carric before remembering he had dropped the letter outside. He flew out and quickly returned with a bit of paper. Bubba had written that Talos was in bad shape, but that the army was there and he would travel to Lorrh within the next two days.

Glad for the good news, the party decided to put off their deliberations on what to do so they could relax for the rest of the day. But great choices await them, and all of Risenstone is at their fingertips.


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