Lok Aubray

I’m going to nerd out a little, but this is my blog, where I want to be able to write about whatever I want, and be honest, and talk about my interest.

Right now, my friends and I are playing an RPG called Only War. It takes place in the Warhammer 40k universe, and as the title suggests, it is ONLY about War. The mechanics are pretty different than DnD and honestly only needing to roll d10s for everything is nice, but the stats for items, drugs, medic checks, weapons, etc. are more intensive, in my opinion. Fortunately, my SO, who has an encyclopedic memory, keeps track of a lot of those things.

But anyway, I want to talk about the character I’m currently playing in this campaign, named Lok. By far, I think that Lok is my favorite PC I’ve ever made and played. So, before I get into Lok’s craziness, I want to talk a little bit about the PC and character dynamic going on in our little squad.

So basically, our party is its own little squad of guardsmen, and we join other squads of guardsmen, who make up the army that fights for the Imperium of Man. For a gist summing up of the lore of this universe, you should check out this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoj7woIww0g This will basically tell you all you need to know. Other than that, just imagine a universe where mankind has spread to numerous planets, war has not stopped for thousands of years, and life pretty much sucks for everyone. The Imperium of Man’s main strategy is to throw as many people as possible at the enemy, so as PCs, death is pretty much guaranteed, especially for someone like Lok.

Lok’s story begins simply and humbly. I’ll be referring to Lok with gender neutral pronouns because no one looking at them can tell if they are male or female, and since people from my party may be reading this, I can’t spoil it for them. Anyway, Lok grew up on a mining planet, where they trained to become a medic, servicing the men and women that worked in the mines and stitching up all the injuries that come along with it. After several years of practicing, the stress from dealing with so many gory injuries led Lok to try taking some of the drugs provided to them to care for their patients, namely Tranq so they could sleep at night.

Well, the Imperium of Man cracks down on all illegal activity and heresy. So soon after beginning their drug habit, Lok was picked up and shipped off to a Penal Colony, where they served time and trained until the Imperium could assign them to a squad. Our campaign opened here; everyone in the party lined up to meet their Commissar, a tight ass in charge of making sure guardsmen don’t shirk their duties out of fear, and then boarded a ship heading to their first assignment on a planet called Orar. Everyone in our party, except for the Commissar, was from the Penal Colony as well, so you can imagine the job Commissar Vendrick was going to have keeping us all in line.

Which is where Lok comes in. The squad’s medic, Lok now has access to commissioned Tranq from the Imperium (as well as other drugs). Commissar Vendrick was told to keep a close eye on Lok’s supplies, but right after their first mission concluded, Lok partook in their habit. Since it had been a while since they’d had a dose, the Tranq knocked them out immediately, and so it was immediately evident to Commissar Vendrick what had happened. He repaid their decision to dose up on Tranq by literally lying in wait next to them until they woke up. Then both he and the squad’s sergeant, Cort Taskan, dished out their own form of punishment.

I won’t go into explicit detail about every escapade that has transpired between members of the squad, at least not now. I want to talk about why I like this character so much. I wasn’t really expecting to form such a connection to Lok, especially since I knew going into the game that PC death is pretty much guaranteed (we loss Cort last session), but once we started playing, Lok was just too much fun. So now I’m facing a dilemma; right now, since our party has just finished the campaign and are gearing up to start a new one, Lok’s character arch is pretty much headed toward complete destruction. Seeing battle did not help their addiction, and now the Tranq isn’t giving them the same high as it did before. Commissar Vendrick’s patience is thin, and he has the authority to just flat-out shoot Lok in the face if he wants to. But that’s the least of their problems. Lok feels pretty confident that the squad needs their medical prowess. They’re more worried about getting caught by other guardsmen. If that happens, it will pretty much mean instant death.

Anyway, the dilemma is this: if I keep playing Lok as I know they would act, then Lok will probably die, and I won’t be able to play them again. But, if I switch it around and I take the steps needed to end Lok’s addiction without being prompted by an event in game, then the thing that makes Lok so fun to play (trying to get drugs, take them without letting Commissar know, and then fight in battles) won’t be a part of the character anymore. I think I’ll probably just end up coming to terms with the fact that Lok will  die soon, possible at their own hands, and just hope that it’s epic and suited to the character.

So, that’s Lok Aubray everyone. I drew some portraits of them, and since I’m obsessed with them right now, here they are:


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