Risenstone Session 6

I realize that the majority of this blog has become me talking about what has happened in the campaign I’m DMing, sometimes in a pretty stale, expositive way. This is primarily because I’ve been busy with end-of-semester class work and other such things, plus a general lack of interest in writing lately. I did write a short story for the Vassar Grimoire, a journal for sci-fi, fantasy, and the like, so maybe I’ll put that up soon.

Anyway, the summary of last week’s session will be fairly short. We didn’t play as long as we usually do, and one encounter took up most of the time (as I suspected it would, even though I over prepared for events after the fight). But here’s a quick summation.

The party decided to stay in the town of Lorrh until Bubba arrived and met up with Dan. In the meantime, Serenity went exploring and stumbled upon a farmhouse surrounded by black, dead grass. She ran back to alert the party, who all decided to ask Grahm (the bartender at the tavern) about it. She told them that the house had been abandoned for years, but that the grass surrounding it had only recently changed this way. The party followed her lead about a man who had gone to check out the house and met Alex, a thirty-year-old who looked somewhere in the range of 70. He told them he’d been lured into the house but couldn’t remember anything after that.

The group then decided to go check out the house themselves. A ghostly figure from within charmed Melon, Amber, and Viara into coming inside, while Carric and Serenity resisted the call. The ghost tried to get the three to sit down at the table and dine, but they all broke free of its spell before that happened. The ghost then attacked, possessing Amber before moving to Melon. The party questioned the ghost, discovering that she had lived during the first incursion of Chaos. Then Carric convinced her to leave Melon’s body by promising to reunite the ghost with her presumably dead husband (albeit by killing her).

After taking care of Melon, the group explored the house more, finding some old letters, a nursery, and the master bedroom. They held onto the letters in hope of one day finding the ghost’s descendant and giving them to her. Then they returned to Alex’s house and found him young once again. Carric made sure Bubba would be able to stay with him, and the party went about their business until Bubba arrived.

Finally, the group sent a letter with Derek to the ports in hopes of contacting Dellia. Derek returned with a response a few hours later, in which Dellia told them that she wold like to confide something in the group about a man’s body they found at the Renaul estate.

So that’s where we ended it. We’ll be playing tomorrow and again on the 12th before everyone heads home for break. Depending on how it goes, we should be able to reach a good stopping point, so we won’t be in the middle of a dungeon crawl or encounter for six weeks over Christmas. Overall, I think it went pretty well, if a little rushed on my part. I’m working on finding a good balance between making things happen and letting the PCs interact organically. Especially now that the players have been able to relax into their characters, I really want them to be able to RP amongst themselves.


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