Risenstone Session 7

This week’s summary was co-written by Mika Khaytin, who plays Melon.

Our adventurers started the session on their way to the ports of Talos to check on Commander Dellia. As they traversed through the crowd, Amber noticed that the party was being followed by a suspicious looking Drow man. Ignoring the situation for the moment, they made their way through the town without any conflict to the ports, where they found a stressed Dellia ordering her troops about.

Dellia informed the party that she had particular interest in a body found in the forest near the Renaul estate, thought to be the General of the Rebellion. She told them that any identifying information had been removed from the body, and so she could not confirm this suspicion. Viara proceeded to hand Dellia the shoulder patch they had confiscated, which they had earlier identified as a symbol for Ankoor. The party also informed Dellia of the death of Renaul, as well as the mission he had given them to travel to Neddwan in search of the Shaman, but that Graves had gone ahead of them. Concerned that a man such as Graves was traveling to Neddwan, Commander Dellia asked the party to either investigate Renaul or follow Graves. The party decided to talk through their options while Dellia got back to work.

Then the party split to run errands and gather supplies. After leaving a potions shop run by a distressed Dragonborn, an unfamiliar voice called out to Carric. Panicked, Carric made a run for it, but was soon tackled by the Drow, named Soveliss, who had been following the party earlier. He warned Carric that the Drow were trying to get to him, and that he had been taken back to the Underdark beneath Talos. His eyes were bloodshot and the skin around his eyes had turned green. Amber recognized these symptoms because they were similar to the ones her fiance had exhibited when he made a deal with an unknown patron in exchange for power. Randomly, magical outbreaks occurred around Soveliss, and he told the party to leave him be and get out of Talos. The group decided it was time to head out, and they asked a guard to let Dellia know they were on their way to Neddwan.

On the way to the Arcane Kingdom, the party took some time to talk amongst themselves about their past. Amber revealed that she was expected at a trial in Arcane – her fiancee was the defendant. She told the others that he had made a deal with a patron of an evil power in order to make a better life for her and her family, but it had corrupted his spirit. Carric revealed that Soveliss was an old friend of his, living in Avantor together away from the Underdark, but he was betrayed when Soveliss tried to disclose Carric’s location to his parents.

The group arrived in Arcane several days later, where they went drinking in the city Blue Rock. The next day, they traveled to the capitol where Amber’s title granted the party passage into the palace. The party entered a war council that was in session, and Amber had a very heartwarming encounter with her father. Amber then gave her opinion on what should be done about the war with Neddwan. Then she went to visit her mother, who expressed happiness about Amber’s new friends and concern about the upcoming trial.

While they waited for the trial, the group decided to stay at the capital while Carric took a flying eagle to Avantor in search for anything that Soveliss may have left behind when they had parted ways several weeks ago. He found a backpack with supplies, some magic books, and a magic focus item that had belonged to Soveliss. Meanwhile, the rest of the party walked around and found out that the Neddwan/Arcane border would be closing in the next few days.

Then, it came time for the trial. The party converged in the royal court, but soon Carric realized that the dwarf on trial, Amber’s fiance Einkel, was in no state to be answering questions. He informed Amber with a message delivered through Derek, and Amber asked her father if there was anything she could do to make the trial fair. He told her there was nothing to be done because the dwarf from the Candlewood clan had twisted the trial to work against Einkel and in Candlewood’s favor.

Then it was Amber’s turn to testify as a witness to Einkel’s character, but before Amber could defend him, Einkel’s magic surged, and everyone took necrotic damage. Amber jumped up to try to help, and the party soon found themselves running from guards to escape with Einkel. Candlewood also made an attempt on Einkel’s life, but Serenity managed to paralyze him with the spell Hold Person. After dispatching the guards, the party and Einkel ran out of the courthouse to formulate an escape route out of the capital. Carric sent Derek to see if there were any guards around the horses, but they soon discovered that they were heavily guarded. Serenity pointed out a secret tunnel that the King had run down, so everyone decided to follow in that direction. Now, the party must figure out how to get out of the capitol and into Neddwan with Einkel safely.


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