Fine Graphite

This is a short post since it’s New Year’s Eve, but lately I’ve been channeling my creative side more often. I think it helps that I haven’t been busy with school lately, and I got into the habit of drawing, writing, painting, etc. before all the lazy break habits could kick in. And it’s been nice because I missed drawing a lot.

Well, a friend of mine suggested a set up a store because it’s been keeping him accountable as far as producing work goes, so I’m now selling art, shirts, and posters online at! I recently finished a pretty intensive piece, and it’s available for purchase there too. I’ll be doing a walk through post soon about how I went about sketching it out, laying down the basic values, and filling in the darks and lights and such, basically an overview of my creative process for the piece. I’d like to do more of those later on too, especially as I dive deeper into the art realm.

I also have one more bit of exciting news. I’ve been pretty busy helping plan No Such Con with NSO on Vassar’s campus. I’m the Head of Guests this year around, so I’ve been reaching out to people, coordinating the cosplay contest, and monitoring the budget for a few weeks now, and I really like it. I think I’m pretty good at it, and even more exciting is that I get to contact people that I really like, such as Sneak Attack, Eagle Ordinary, and others. Nothing is definitive quite yet as far as which guests can make it, but I’m pretty pumped by the whole thing. I never thought I would be good at anything like this.

But anyway, as well as coordinating guests, I’ll also be vending at the con too. I’ll be selling prints of some of my favorite pieces, including the one I just finished, as well as handing out cards for the zazzle site. Even if I don’t make a lot of money, I think it will still be really cool to sell some of my original work and talk about my favorite fandoms with other people. I submitted the form today, so now I just gotta prepare some things to sell and order prints before February. Then I’ll prep for the craziness of both running and participating in the convention.


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