Creating Lok vs the Chaos Spawn

As promised nearly two weeks ago, here is the walkthrough of the piece I recently finished! As everything else lately, this too is Warhammer 40k inspired, and it’s the first art piece I’ve finished in a while, creating a snowball of more and more drawings.

So basically I started the drawing because I wanted to draw my character Lok in action. I’d done portraits of them and other squad members, but I wanted to stretch my abilities. So I found some generic pics online to use as reference and sketched out a basic outline for the composition. Then I filled in where I wanted the darkest and lightest values:

You’ll notice there’s zero background to be seen. That’s because I fear drawing the insides of buildings or figuring out vanishing points and horizon lines. And at this point, I was just drawing Lok and the Chaos Spawn because I wanted to see if I could actually do it.

After putting in the basic values, I started with the gun because it was the simplest thing in the drawing and I wanted to warm up with my new graphite pencils and test out the values. Then I moved on to Lok’s flak armor (in the Cadian style, of course):

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do Lok’s boots, but then I fell in love with the Death Korps of Krieg right around this time and decided to transplant their wrapped shoe style over onto Lok. It was also around this time that I realized I really liked the way Lok turned out and began panicking about what to do about the background. So, ignoring the Chaos Spawn for the time being, I sketched in the fountain and some basic values in the floor and walls:

I was pretty happy with the detail in the fountain, but the floor and wall seemed lackluster. So I sucked in a deep breath and picked a vanishing point to draw in the stone in the floor. Why is there stone on a space ship? I dunno, but there were fancy fountains, so I just went with it, mostly because it would be easiest to make stones look wet (the Chaos Spawns were originally in water form before condensing into the ice creatures like the one you see in the drawing). After I got the stones sketched in, it was time to tackle the Chaos Spawn:


Trying to get the darn thing to look like ice gave me a headache, but I knew I wanted to keep its body light and make its face darker to represent the mask-type face it had in the campaign. I chose to make the hands dark too to represent a stronger material, since its main attack in this form was punching:


So here’s the end result! The Chaos Spawn’s head is my favorite part, but I’m most impressed with the work I did in the background, especially since I pulled it off after I’d already finished Lok. Obviously, the detail in Lok’s gas mask, shoes, and armor are a favorite too. Honestly, I didn’t know I had the skill to draw something like this. In my art class last year, many of the students did this type of work (even better really) every week, and I consistently did not. I think switching mediums helped a lot. I’ve always like graphite, but we couldn’t use it in our art class.

Anyway, this piece has inspired me to start creating more art┬álately, as well as set up an online store to sell some of my work. As I finish more and more things, I’ll post them here with their own walk-throughs. (And of course, if you want to purchase a print or poster of this, you can do so at!


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