Risenstone Session 10

As Melon, Serenity, and Viara explored an empty cathedral-esqu building, fought shadow creatures, and supposedly met Elsbeth, Carric and Amber had a slightly different experience. They too were transported someplace they did not recognize, a dark room with limited light except for that shining through thin grates above two doors before them. Above both doors, a phrase written in Common read: “The Shadows will Cower at the Light.” Below that, each door had its own phrase, one written in Dwarvish, the other in Drow; these read “The Ruler will be Ruled,” and “The Damned will be Redeemed” respectively.

Amber, being a go getter, immediately went to open the door with Dwarvish above it. As she did so, a shadow creature burst forth in an attempt to drag Amber into the room. Amber was too beefy for the creatures advances, but then Carric’s door flew open and a shadow creature also emerged from that room. This shadow did manage to drag Carric into the room, and while trapped there, he saw visions of the systematic torture of his brother and friend Sovelis by the Drow.

Amber soon rescued Carric and they then easily disposed of the shadows. Upon their deaths, a soft light filled the room, and the two began exploring in search of a way out. Carric discovered a peak hole in one of the rooms, but when peering through saw only himself from behind. Curious, Amber broke a hole in the ceiling and floor and saw copies of themselves doing similar things on the other side. Amber tossed her warhammer through the hole, and it went through the hole on the floor and fell through the hole in the ceiling. However, upon examining it, she discovered Tiefling writing on the handle.

Confused and curious, Amber went back to the hole in the floor and offered the Other Amber the Warhammer. When Other Amber attempted to take it, Amber accidentally yanked her into their realm and Other Amber melted almost immediately upon becoming pinned.

After this encounter, Carric through a baton through the hole, and this item came back with a Dwarfish inscription that read: “Circa the Library of Lost History.” Upon throwing the baton and Other Amber’s disappearance, another Owl Lion appeared to Amber and Carric. They asked it a series of questions, and the Owl Lion told them that they had stumbled into its collection of nightmares and destroyed two of the rooms. The Owl Lion then asked if they were serving Elsbeth and searched Carric’s memory for clues as to how they came to this realm. It then warned Carric and Amber not to trust what their friends would say they saw. It said that they were being tricked by light.

The Owl Lion then said it could send them back to where they had come from, but was interrupted when Amber and Carric suddenly faded from that plane and were surounded by bright white light. An image of Elsbeth appeared to them and told them she was trying to send them back to their friends, but as she spoke, her face contorted into an appealing visage and she glitched away. Carric and Amber then arrived safely back under ground. They turned to see the surprised faces of Melon, Serenity, and Viara. Before them, the runes on the cave walls began to glow, and the body of the King Arcane began to raise up across the room from them.


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